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Property Drive

PropertyDrive, LLC
PO Box 8691
Madison, WI 53708-8691

Phone: 608-442-0511
Fax: 608-242-1870

Web: http://www.PropertyDrive.com

PropertyDrive is an online commercial real estate listing service serving Wisconsin and beyond. Commercial real estate companies may become members and their agents may list available land, buildings or businesses for sale or lease. Anyone may search available property listings at no cost. Members have additional search features and tools available. PropertyDrive provides listing data to a variety of other websites and publications including the Wisconsin Tech Council, Forward Wisconsin's LOIS system, area Chambers of Commerce, Wisconsin State Journal Book of Business, In Business commercial space guide, and more. In addition, PropertyDrive provide automatic listing information to member websites. PropertyDrive partners with CIREX, who produces a monthly printed listing guide available to members on a subscription basis. Contact PropertyDrive to find out how we can help you!

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