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July 29, 2005

PropertyDrive has redesigned the Quick Search and Members’ Property Search pages to make searching even easier!

PropertyDrive’s new search pages use check boxes to select the locations and the property types you want. You’ll save time because you can now search in customized areas and for multiple property types all in the same search!

Searching for properties just got faster and easier!

New color coding system lets you know when your property information is getting dated!

PropertyDrive users continue to stress the importance of accurate and current property information. At a recent PropertyDrive Advisory Board meeting board members emphasized the need to encourage users to regularly update property listings. Fresh and accurate data helps make PropertyDrive a valuable and reliable source for commercial real estate information for Buyers, Tenants, Investors and Brokers.

To help you know when your property information should be reviewed PropertyDrive has added a new color coding system to show you when one of your properties has not been updated for 90, 120, or 135 days. The system will alert you in two ways –

Need a refresher on how to update your property?

We hope this new feature will be helpful to you as you try to keep your property information up to date.

As always, please feel free to contact me with comments, suggestions or questions.

PropertyDrive – We’ve designed it with you in mind!